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3D text effect for Photoshop, 50 3D styles and actions pack for Photoshop

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Now you can easily create a lot of effects and styles for your texts with this 3D text effect actions and styles pack.  Here’s another cool Photoshop action and a text layer style bundle if you want more of this amazing content. Remember everything in the site is part of the DesignShock bundle, you’d be surprised at how cheap it is.

We’ll leave you with a video of this fantastic resource:

3D Text Effect Photoshop
text effects Photoshop

text effects

font effects

font effects Photoshop

text effects template

font effects template

text effects design

font effects design

text effects PSD

font effects PSD

text effects style

font effects style

text effects free

font effects free

3D text effects

3D font effects

3D text effects Photoshop

3D font effects Photoshop

3D text effects template

3D font effects template

3D text effects design

3D font effects design

3D text effects PSD

3D font effects PSD

3D text effects style

3D font effects style

3D text effects free

3D font effects free

Nice text effects

Nice font effects

Nice text effects Photoshop

Nice font effects Photoshop

Nice text effects template

Nice font effects template

Nice text effects design

Nice font effects design

Nice text effects PSD

Nice font effects PSD

Nice text effects style

Nice font effects style

Nice text effects free

Nice font effects free

3D text effects design

Read Carefully, Specially: Hotmail / MSN / OutLook users, please check your spam/junk folder to get our msgs and mark us as safe senders (see how) to be sure you can get all our freebies. Our email is: freebies@designshock.com
Only layer effects included, (no actions) personal license.
Buy action and styles with commercial license and full source files
Get this set bundled with 1000 of resources (icons, themes, design sets, vectors and much more)

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  1. Very nice one…

  2. Whoooaaaa!!

    Amazing as always!!!

    Thanks a lot!!

  3. Creative styles … really cool stuff :)

  4. is designshock have any blog for tutorial about web design or related something .. if any .. pls let me know

  5. Oooh, nice video! Great idea, and excellent work! Now I know what to do with these particular downloads! I appreciate it a lot! Keep up the terrific job you do!

    • DesignShock - October 2, 2012

      BinkyM, thanks for your kind words, hope these actions can be useful for your next design project !

  6. Great actions ! another amazing work from our team :)

  7. Bernd - October 2, 2012

    To get a free download why do you impose us to so throu Facebook or Twitter?

    • DesignShock - October 2, 2012

      Bernd, it’s the small price we ask for such a great work, our designers spend days getting these packs done, so, they well worth the share :) don’t you think ?

  8. DesignShock - October 2, 2012

    RobertaJS, as ask for a social share in return of our designer’s work, we spent days designing these sets :)

  9. Great stuff!
    I’m buying it right away.

  10. ezrider - October 3, 2012


  11. Very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!
    Thank you :-D

  12. More awesomeness from the Shock Family!
    Thanks for the great styles and actions. 
    You guys rock!

  13. Thanks for sharing this great collection! It is extremely helpful for me.

  14. rellimij - January 6, 2013

    This is so awesome!

  15. thank you :)

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      Hi there. Glad you liked it. Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

  16. Hola, disculpe no quisiera molestarlo pero he adquirido la licencia de 39 dlls. y a la hora de descargar los recursos hay errores , por ejemplo: este paquete no se ve en photoshop, estan las filas de archivos pero solo no sale nada, hay varios asi en la familia design shock, tambien el pack de 500 logos sale error al descomprimir, podrian enviarme nuevos links? o resuvirlos? la verdad si quisiera estos diseños pero no puedo descargarlos bien, gracias de antemano

    • DesignShock - April 15, 2013

      Hola! Gracias por ponernos al tanto de este inconveniente. Estamos trabajando para verificar el problema y nos podremos en contacto contigo via e-mail. Gracias por tu retroalimentacion.

  17. B.Krupanidhi - July 9, 2013

    I want to  learn more reg

    • DesignShock - July 9, 2013

      Thank you for your input! Stay tuned to learn more.

  18. Satish - January 8, 2014

    Can you tell me what font is that that looks like lobster The 28th effect.Much appreciate it.

  19. Very nice effect! Thanks.

  20. nice tutoriall. thank you

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