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50 Business cards PSD, free with editable PSD sources

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A hefty package containing 50 business cards for you to promote your services with potential customers. They come in editable, vectorial PSD files so you can add your information and make little tweaks to the design. Once you’re done serving your clients, you might want to use one of these invoice templates in order to charge them with style. All of this content is part of the mighty (and cheap) DesignShock bundle.

Business card set

Business card pack

Company card pack

Business card PSD

Company card PSD

Business card Photoshop

Company card Photoshop

Business card graphic

Company card graphic

Business card template

Company card template

Business card Professional

Company card Professional

Business card free

Company card free

Business card design

Company card design

Business card cover

Company card cover

Business card vector

Company card vector

Business card Pixel perfect

Company card Pixel perfect

Business card set

Nice Business card set

Nice Company card set

Nice Business card pack

Nice Company card pack

Nice Business card PSD

Nice Company card PSD

Nice Business card Photoshop

Nice Company card Photoshop

Nice Business card graphic

Nice Company card graphic

Nice Business card template

Nice Company card template

Nice Business card Professional

Nice Company card Professional

Nice Business card free

Nice Company card free

Nice Business card design

Nice Company card design

Nice Business card cover

Nice Company card cover

Nice Business card vector

Nice Company card vector

Nice Business card Pixel perfect

Nice Company card Pixel perfect

Cool Business card set

Cool Company card set

Cool Business card pack

Cool Company card pack

Cool Business card PSD

Cool Company card PSD

Cool Business card Photoshop

Cool Company card Photoshop

Cool Business card graphic

Cool Company card graphic

Cool Business card template

Cool Company card template

Cool Business card Professional

Cool Company card Professional

Cool Business card free

Cool Company card free

Cool Business card design

Cool Company card design

Cool Business card cover

Cool Company card cover

Cool Business card vector

Cool Company card vector

Cool Business card Pixel perfect

Cool Company card Pixel perfect

Minimalist Business card set

Minimalist Company card set

Minimalist Business card pack

Minimalist Company card pack

Minimalist Business card PSD

Minimalist Company card PSD

Minimalist Business card Photoshop

Minimalist Company card Photoshop

Minimalist Business card graphic

Minimalist Company card graphic

Minimalist Business card template

Minimalist Company card template

Minimalist Business card Professional

Minimalist Company card Professional

Minimalist Business card free

Minimalist Company card free

Minimalist Business card design

Minimalist Company card design

Minimalist Business card cover

Minimalist Company card cover

Minimalist Business card vector

Minimalist Company card vector

Minimalist Business card Pixel perfect

Minimalist Company card Pixel perfect

Business card set

Business card pack

Business card PSD

Business card Photoshop

Business card graphic

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5 cards included, personal license
Buy all 50 cards with commercial license and full source files
Get this set bundled with tons of resources (icons, themes, design sets, vectors and much more)

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  1. Awesome sharing. Nice, elegant and and very cool designs. Thanks for sharing. 

  2. mojo706 - July 20, 2012

    Thank you very much!

  3. Malik Potter Hr - July 20, 2012

    Great… Thanks!

  4. Does fonts?

  5. very cool, thank you very much!

  6. I think he ment “does it include fonts?”

  7. Awesome collection, thanks !!!

  8. Leetoma - November 24, 2012

    I’m student in IT, If I have enough money, I will buy everything on your site, it’s really amazing, thanks you very very very much….thanks again and sorry for my English 

  9. Orpheus - January 10, 2013

    Well….ehmm…. now…. how to register? How to download free stuff?    =8(

  10. awesome designs! thx for sharing. God Bless

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      Thanks a lot for your feedback, Vivianna. Glad to see you liked those. Stay tuned.

  11. good design, thanks for  your hard work

  12. kapil - March 16, 2013

    very nice!

  13. Winning. First time making business cards. I like the ones with twitter integrated.

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      Glad you are winning! Check our other freebies and you could be bi-winning as well!

      • eli - May 13, 2013

        can you reply to my message!

        • DesignShock - July 9, 2013

          please send your concern to help at iconshock dot com where we give proper assistance to technical issues

  14. elinka - May 11, 2013

    I made a payment and did not receive a download link for the 50 business cards..

    • DesignShock - July 9, 2013

      please send your concern to help at iconshock dot com where we give proper assistance to technical issues

  15. eli - May 13, 2013

    HI looks like my previous comment was deleted .. i made a payment a week ago and have not received and email with a download link..  can you please make some effort to contact me.. either send me the link or i would like a refund ASAP

    • DesignShock - July 9, 2013

      please send your concern to help at iconshock dot com where we give proper assistance to technical issues

  16. Thank you a lot for this wonderful download. it’s unavailable

  17. nice works ..!!
    thanks for sharing …

  18. nice works ………..!!

  19. Nice work guys….Keep it up!!

    • DesignShock - June 26, 2013

      Thank you for the support. Stay tuned for more goodies!

  20. SheTerror - August 5, 2013

    very nice dude, good job and thanks :)

  21. Imran Rashid Khan - August 28, 2013

    superb job !

  22. Nice useful tips.Thank you for sharing.

  23. Well, finding myself very lucky to be here.

    I must say you have shared very nice ideas for business cards. Business cards are undoubtedly very important and represent your name to everyone and going with these beautiful ideas will make those more effective.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas here.

  24. These business PSD templates are useful.

  25. Good Collection.

    Thanks Admin

  26. Hi, this is great!, i want to buy the package but, i have been reading the comments and is written that they do not receive the package after several days!, so how can i be sure it is going to be delivered to me!

  27. How is the deliver of the package!? thanks!

  28. Really good work guys .. I appreciate..

  29. Thanks for sharing these amazing Business Card templates.

  30. I love flat design! There are so many different ways to get a great looking business card, check out http://blog.solopress.com/business-card-printing/free-flat-design-business-card-template/ for a free flat design business card .psd :)

  31. Thanks, though look kind of outdated design…

  32. Great Example, thanks man!!!

  33. This John Doe is a hell of a man :))). Nice job man!!!!

  34. deeb agha - March 9, 2014

    really nice Examples how can i download one of them? 

  35. Ravi - April 3, 2014

    Awesome designsss…

  36. can you reply to my message

    • DesignShock - May 12, 2014

      We do not have any message from you. Please send it to help.shockfamily at gmail dot com

  37. Bella - May 15, 2014

    Hello Guys,
    Can any1 send me this bundle. I am trying to download it but I can’t. Please help me and send this bundle to ( bella01.smith at gmail dot com )
    Kindly Send me I need it.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.
    Kind Regards

    • DesignShock - May 15, 2014

      Please try once more. Download is working, please check also your spam/junk folder

  38. Bella - May 15, 2014

    I Like your website very much (y) and the name of website is Awesome…Love it
    Please send this bundle to ( bella01.smith at gmail dot com )
    I’ll be very thankful to you.
    Kind Regards

    • DesignShock - May 15, 2014

      Bella, please use the download button at the end of the post

  39. theo - July 18, 2014


  40. Nice works, Thanks for sharing.

  41. Oh how I love it! It inspires me to create!

  42. Hi! designshock your Business card templates are awesome and the presentation of these templates on this page is simply great! 

    • DesignShock - August 19, 2014

      Happy to make something you enjoy! That’s our biggest motivation, keep the nice words coming.

  43. Nice business card designs, great works.

  44. Nice business card design collections thanks for given this big post.

  45. very nice post and helpful for graphic designer. i like 12th no. business card template. 

  46. All business card designs are awesome. Nice work.

  47. Mahmoud - January 25, 2015

    Thanks for good effort

  48. Love these nice examples.

    • Happy to know that. :D

    • Truly amazing, i have been looking for this for a long time. Bussiness cards are indeed important for every small or huge bussiness mens, Thank you for your post.

      • david - March 10, 2015

        Indeed, they are! Hope you can make stunning designs with the pack. :)

  49. Great resource for the beginners as well as for the business owners to get an idea about their desired business card design..

  50. Nice works & Design.
    Thanks for sharing.

  51. The vast amounts of business card designs are endless. I often forget that there are things that go on cards these days that didn’t exist five to ten years ago. It would be wise for a person to consider the space they’ll need to have to incorporate all the information they want to have on the card. I would think that things could look extra bulky very quickly.

    • True! I guess that’s why people go for minimal business cards so much these days. Although we prefer to provide lots of options that users can delete little by little until they find the right look, rather than not giving them enough to work with. Any favorites so far?

  52. DesignShock - June 13, 2013

    Thanks for the input. Stay tuned!

  53. DesignShock - June 26, 2013

    Thank you for your input

  54. DesignShock - June 26, 2013

    Thank you for your support :)

  55. DesignShock - July 9, 2013

    Thank you for the support :)

  56. DesignShock - July 23, 2013

    Thank you for the comment

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