Bootstrap 3 PSD

Bootstrap 3 PSD: Free for commercial and personal use!


Hello friends. Today’s freebie is a nice interface thought for visual creatives and developers. Always wanted to use the Bootstrap graphic interface but don’t know how to manipulate the code to achieve what you want? Not everyone’s a developer, and that is why we took all the elements of the new Bootstrap 3 framework and put them in a carefully layered PSD file so that you can easily arrange the elements at your convenience just by dragging! Feel free to use these elements for your presentations, galleries, crafts, mockups and so on. Enjoy! It’s free for personal and commercial use!

We also have many other resources like this, such as our Windows 8 theme GUI or iOS 7 design for mobile devices. You can get them all a much, much more for a crazy good price by getting the DesignShock bundle, so make sure you give it a look.

INTRO-Bootstrap-v3 BTv3-1-630 BTv3-2-630 BTv3-3-630 BTv3-4-630 BTv3-5-630 BTv3-1 BTv3-2 BTv3-3 BTv3-4 BTv3-5 BTv3-6 BTv3-7 BTv3-8 BTv3-9 BTv3-10 BTv3-11 BTv3-12 <alt=”BTv3-13″ width=”630″ height=”482″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10170″ /> BTv3-14 BTv3-15 BTv3-16 BTv3-17 BTv3-18 BTv3-19 BTv3-20 BTv3-21 BTv3-22 BTv3-23 BTv3-24 BTv3-25 BTv3-26 BTv3-27 BTv3-28

  • Download Download PSD, All elements included. Apache 2.0 Licensed
  • Become Premium only $14 more Get this set bundled with all other designshock sets (icons, themes, design sets, vectors and much more)

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  1. Good work, folks, thank you for offer us this set. Great and comfortable starter set.

  2. kappe - August 27, 2013

    why do i have to tweet? i got premium account.

    • DesignShock - August 27, 2013

      The set is not offered in the premium area as per its license. We beg you to use the tweet method to download it.

  3. ermegherd, bootstrap 3 psds! Thanks for this awesome work!

  4. This is abolutely great !!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks so much! This is an incredible set 🙂

  6. Brian - August 27, 2013

    I don’t have a twitter account or a facebook account but I do have a premium account. Can you send it to me via email? I don’t want to have to make a fake account just to download this when I have already paid for it.

    • DesignShock - August 28, 2013

      Hi, freebie can be sent to your email. Please click on download and select the option to subscribe to our newsletter

  7. Thanks pal. Glad I was on your subscription list. Or I could’ve missed this incredible set. 😉

    • DesignShock - August 28, 2013

      You are welcome 😀 that’s what’s so good about subscribing to our mailing lists. Keep tuned for more awesome freebies.

  8. LaDonna - August 29, 2013

    Thanks for the file. Great work!

  9. Faisal - August 29, 2013

    Great work, simple and elegant.

  10. Gracias! booststrap 3 en PSD.! Thankss!!!

  11. Excellent design, thank you very much for sharing.

    I have a little doubt, the article says that you can use in commercial projects but within the psd file says to be used for noncommercial purposes.
    My question then may or may not be used for commercial purposes?


  12. Anonymous - September 3, 2013

    I loved this site. give very useful information.

  13. Awesome! Thank you so much for this, I’ll be sure to spread the word about this excellent resource 🙂

  14. Kevin Rapley - September 4, 2013

    Absolute junk and completely worthless. The whole point of Bootstrap is to build quick prototypes using open standards. Why on earth would a designer worth their salt want a layered PSD of this?

    • DesignShock - September 17, 2013

      Not everyone can find a use for this. Not focused to programmers or designers as much as it is focused to web enthusiasts with no coding knowledge trying to create mockups, illustrations, or even use it outside web environments. Thanks for the feedback, Good Luck!

  15. I’m kind of confused by this PSD. Isn’t the point of Bootstrap that it is all built on CSS3 and HTML5? So why would we need a PSD for anything?
    I’m not knocking your work on this, you did a great job, but was it all necessary? I think most people that use Bootstrap simply “design in the browser.”
    Really, if you’re going to use Bootstrap, then it’s just a matter of changing fonts and colors on pre-existing elements, which you can do much easier in CSS than in Photoshop.

    • DesignShock - September 17, 2013

      You have a point, thanks a lot for your feedback. The PSD is focused to web enthusiasts who don’t have coding skills yet and prefer using objects that they can simply drag to simply create mockups, illustrations for texts, presentations etcetera; or even for people who think that can use this outside webdesign like in printed design for example.

    • For a simple website it might work. try to start a big project without properly mockup it and you´ll be lost in the end… so, this is really useful for the ones how want to use bootstrap, customize some sections…

  16. Great stuff here at the site. But we signed up for the premium membership, and have no way to log in. It didn’t ask us to choose a login username or password. So how do I access all the stuff?


  17. Great and great…. THANKS……

  18. Just what I was searching for when it comes to the new Bootstrap. This is great!

  19. Anonymous - September 14, 2013


  20. this is awesome.

  21. thanks a lot for the psd but it just explodes in photoshop, a 30 mb or so file when opened in photoshop slows everything down by swelling up. i guess its because of the countless shape layers…

    any workaround?? or can you divide the file in smaller chunks and share?

  22. What a complete letdown. When I finally receive the email with the supposed download link I come to a page with previous freebees. The Bootstrap PSD 3 is there but when click it to download I only get redirected to this page. So I got nothing and now have to get all your newsletters… Cheers buddy.

    • DesignShock - November 12, 2013

      Can you please clear the cache and cookies of your PC and try once more?

  23. Michael - October 6, 2013

    Okay, this an EXCELLENT resource, with one caveat: the PSD is opening at nearly 1GB…making it almost unusable. Why is the doc using up so much disk space when open?

    • DesignShock - November 15, 2013

      It comes with a lot of elements. but there could be a mistake, the file should have no more than 30 MB

  24. Love this!

  25. Thanks so much. Bootstrap 3 is awesome 😉

  26. I’m baffled that people would speak out negatively against this. You have done many a great favor by creating this. I personally am using it to mock up how a page is going to look once we incorporate bootstrap. I personally am a designer, not a developer, and mocking up what sites are going to look like is imperative in getting the client to agree in a direction. Even if the technology has all these features built in I need to show my clients beforehand what they are in store for since I myself cannot code. Everyone works differently :)Thank you very much!

    • DesignShock - October 18, 2013

      Thanks a lot for your comment. That is exactly the kind of reasons we created this set for. We really hope you find this very useful and thanks a lot for your support!

  27. Nigmat - October 20, 2013

    Big thanks for great help :))

  28. Really good work… but… The subscribing doesnt work… i’ve tried with 3 differents emails… ?

    I have not receive any confirmation about this!

    Some help or support?


  29. I hate bootstrap , but , hey , this is free!!! You don’t get ALL this for free somewhere else , do you!!!??? So , if you do hate bootstrap like I do , just download this , and you’re gonna see how this is GOOD and is ENOUGH , you don’t need you site to be TOO FANCY , do you!!!???

  30. Allison - November 21, 2013

    How can I download this? Thanks for your help!

  31. RobertAJS - November 23, 2013

    Hi, I need a link please. Can’t wait to try these. As always, thanks!!

  32. Vu Tran - December 1, 2013

    Brilliant!! Thanks so much.

  33. Shane Q - December 4, 2013

    Awesome awesome awesome.  Thank you for sharing this for free!

  34. Hui..?  Can’t rush to the psd. No e-mail will arrive. Tried two adresses. Out of order?

  35. This is a great resource, could be very useful but I just could not manage to open it. The PSD file itself is about 30MB but once opened it in PS, the file size booms up to 2.25G. I am using a mac pro with 12G memory, still, try to open this file in photoshop would cause the machine to froze. 

    If this file could be cut down to several smaller files would be great, anyway, still thank you for the effort.

  36. hi

    This is amazing work! Thanks so much for doing this for all of us…
    I agree with some of those who say that this is a huge file and Photoshop struggles to open it. I’m running on 4GB ram and my system also became slow and non responsive after opening this doc but there is a easy work around for this issue. I just hid all the layers and saved the file and re-open it… it takes a while to read the PS file but once it’s open i can now unhide only those layers i want to work with this way i noticed PS is working much smoother and faster hope this helps for others with same issue 🙂 Thanks for this great file again…


  37. so may b you can provide this file with all the layers hidden by default that will solve this issue i guess. 

  38. Beautiful file. But why did you use Open Sans when the bootstap default is Helvetica Neue?

    • DesignShock - January 15, 2014

      Unfortunately, Helvetica is a commercial font and costs a lot of money. we preferred using a similar font that could be used free personal and commercially.

  39. Indeed, the file is a load to handle on pc’s with 4GB or less RAM.
    A workaround could be to increase the memory Photoshop can use, or any of the other tips givenabove, or here:

    This file has been very useful to me in the past, thought I’d come over and say thanks 🙂

  40. Very useful template here thanks.

  41. Very nice and helpful! High respect for your work!

  42. Thanks for a great resource. Twitter bootstrap framework has really taken the world by storm. Every client of ours ( is asking for Bootstrap compatibility for there PSD to HTML projects. If you are looking for a getting started tutorial on using Twitter bootstrap check this If you want to use Twitter Bootstrap with Rails and use SASS, this article provides a good workflow. Alternatively if you can look at Foundation 5 which has pretty tighter integration with SASS and Rails. 

  43. THIS DOES NOT WORK. I’ve tried 2 emails multiple time and have not recived anything – I suspect this is to farm emails for SPAM. Nothing in junk or spam. Be careful adding your email!

    • DesignShock - February 13, 2014

      Not at all, Just look at the comments to see that it works.It has been just tested. We do not intend to use your email address for any other purposes.

  44. Sergey - March 1, 2014

    Thank you for for sharing. Really helpful components for creating wireframe, sketch or mockup in Photoshop! I also find Bootstrap 3.0.3 version + Retina support on , think can be helpful for UX designers) 

  45. Tatiana - March 5, 2014

    Hello, why do I receive the Newsletter email instead of promised free bundles when I submit my email address?

    • DesignShock - March 6, 2014

      Have you checked your inbox (also spam/junk email) to see download links if you are asked for your email address?

  46. Am I missing something or is there no way to download this PSD

  47. I’m having the same problem as some others above. Have hit the download button which states successful sending but nothing comes through. Nothing in spam folder etc. Any ideas guys? Would love to try it.

  48. Brandon - April 9, 2014

    I get your confirmation email but there is absolutely no way that I can find to download this.  When I click the link in the confirmation email, it takes me to a page advertising all of your products.  Please tell me how to download this. And yes, I checked my spam and junk mail folders.

  49. Musor - April 23, 2014

    I get conformation but I don’t get an email with files.

  50. Awesome awesome awesome.  Thank you for sharing this for free!
    Best download ever!!! I give you 100 out of 10!

  51. Daniel Mejia - May 2, 2014

    Thanks for the freebie. Wish you guys the best.

  52. IKER - June 20, 2014


    • DesignShock - August 4, 2014

      ¡Hola! Debajo de las imagenes de muestra encontraras el boton de download. Solo sigue las instrucciones (ingresa tu correo o red social) y listo.

  53. Wow..this is very useful.
    Thank you so much

  54. Thank you so much for this free template. I have just started designing website in Photoshop, and also getting use to working with guides. This will definately help me expanding my knowledge and also creativity in design.

    Thank you once again 🙂
    And keep up with the great work 🙂

  55. I can’t open this file with GIMP 2.8.14. Have you a fix?

  56. clydde - October 8, 2014

    How to apply my psd changes to a CSS Bootstrap files? Thankyou

  57. veronica - October 11, 2014

    Wow! Very generous of you… this is super helpful to hurry through bootstrap based designs. Thank you

  58. Hi! Please, explain to me how to use it? I opened this in PS and what’s next?

    • Hi, Nikita!

      You can use it to make prototypes, illustrations, mockups or things outside web development. Just have fun with it and integrate it into your designs.

  59. ALEXANDER - February 21, 2015

    Where is the Download-Button??? I can’t find the Download-Link!!!
    Please help me!


    • Hi, Alex!

      Right below all the images, there’s a blue download button. Enjoy. 🙂

  60. WOW!

    After buying my brand new iMac 27 5K Retina, this the best thing that happened to me this week; just fab, thnx very, very much!

    • david - March 16, 2015

      Glad to see you like our content. Enjoy your new machine and check our other bundles to take full advantage of it. 😉

      PS: Showpony. lol

  61. it’s excellent.

  62. matekolik - April 5, 2015

    thats nice 😉

  63. Your email does not work.

    • david - April 7, 2015

      Not a problem, Ann. We’ll send you an email to work it out.

  64. I report your mails as spam because you didn’t sent the files.

    • david - April 15, 2015

      Hi! Can I please know what you received? I just tested and received a download link.

  65. Great resource. Thanks very much!

    I’ve read some of the qualms in the comments about the redundancy of a PSD mockup vs. mocking up in HTML/CSS, but agree with other commenters that this is a very useful tool for mocking up larger sites with layers of pages and various layouts for various presentation purposes. I appreciate the value in these. Great work, and thanks for sharing!

  66. Taposy Rabeya - June 16, 2015

    What an amazing post.. Really showed the hard work you have done. Keep up the good work. thanks for sharing. 

  67. mori - July 30, 2015


  68. johan Ricardo - September 1, 2015

    Excelente!! gran trabajo. Thanks

  69. I created a simplified PSD template that just has the grid, color swatches, and typography sizes.

    This lets you design something without being swayed by the default styling. You can download it free here –

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