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WordPress 3.3, more than 10 new features

Well, as we already know that WordPress 3.3 will be out on November 15, we think that it’s about time to start witnessing the novelties that are waiting for us, which are going to be really interesting. There are plenty of things left in terms of development, which up to this day is at 30%, however one can guess interesting upgrades that you’re definitely going to like. So, let’s take a look at the main features of this new WP version:

Improved multimedia uploader

Finally!, it seems like after hundreds of requests and tear dropping, WordPress 3.3 will conduct a major revamping to its media uploader by adopting Plupload, an innovative system developed by the people from TinyMCE that will suppose huge improvements , many of them already using HTML5 within the uploader. Advances such as “drag and drop”, instant resizing, filter by type of file and more. wp3.3-01

First steps guidelines

This is going to be really helpful for beginners, because right after installing WordPress, a guide will appear with the purpose of encourage you to make your first important configurations. Of course you can always count with us but for the newcomers, an introductory text can not only welcome but also show them the first steps on his new CMS. wp3.3-02

Adaptive desk

If you are an iPad user then you know that this is about. WordPress dashboard is awesome but it hasn’t been adopted to fit different types of screen configurations nor touch devices. Someone will probably say that there’s already a WordPress version for mobiles, but you can disagree on the fact that this app has a lot of things to be improved and, at least from an iPad, it’s more effective to use the traditional desktop version. With this adaptive desktop version, the admin area will recognize your screen / device configuration and based on that it will offer a suitable version that does not only fit in appearance but also in functionalities and usage modes. wp3.3-03

Better Admin bar

You’ve probably notices that since the 3.2 version, the Wordpress’ admin bar that was introduced in version 3.1 does not fit as it supposed to. In fact, the admin area is not active by default despite of the fact that it’s an essential elements for doing basic things such as entering a new post. Since the 3.2 version, the easiest thing to do is always leave the bar activated in the admin area. Well then, in WordPress 3.3 this will be finally solved along with some other details, because now there is no admin area without the admin bar and hence all the changes will go in that way. wp3.3-04

Performance improvements

Come on, it’s not like this is a novelty but a must, demanded for all the users in every upgrade and though it does not happen always, the truth is that WordPress has been presenting a constant improvement on its performance except for a couple of times. Nowadays, there are certain intern aspects that are not contributing to a best performance inside WordPress, including the “pretty permalinks” that require several redirect events, which is something simply pointless. Things like this and more will be modified to improve the intern performance and reduce the consume and requests to the database.

Language packages

If there’s something manual in WordPress still, one of the things we can mention is changing the language of WordPress’ interface itself, including themes and plugins. Apparently this is going to be solved by integrating a language installer, which seems like a nice and easy to apply idea. wp3.3-05

Children themes on the repository

Just like in frameworks, since WordPress 3.3 you will be able to install children themes, which today is hard to do even on the official WordPress.org repository.

Permanent widgets

You have probably suffered this setback in the past when you tried to change a theme and out of the blue, all the widgets that you had perfectly organized on the previous theme disappeared. Well, this is going to be fixed in WP 3.3 and now all your widgets will remain from one theme to the next, you will be able to find them on the sidebar of the new theme.

Remove admin warnings

The truth is that there are many ways from preventing these messages about upgrades and stuff from showing up, which includes several plugins and hacks, but with this new version you just have to choose that these messages won’t appear from now on. wp3.3-06

Better adjustments and API

We’re not sure about which changes are going to occur on this aspect but we can assure that there’s something being done on this field currently, so we’ll try to keep you posted.

Second plane upgrades

Just like Chrome or Mac OS X, WordPress will start upgrading in second plane, which is a great edge for webmasters that manage multiple sites from different clients. Well it seems that WordPress 3.3 promises a lot of the things we’ve been waiting for, don’t you think?. Probably the nicest feature is going to be the media uploader, which one is yours?.

Original source: Más de 10 novedades de WordPress 3.3 (Spanish)

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