More than 170 Best and Fresh WordPress Resources and Blogs, 2012 Edition - Design Shock
DesignShock is the biggest bundle/subscription you can find in one place including icons, avatars, graphic elements, GUI packs, design sets and both web and print templates. All of them are ready and easy to use, for any purpose, created as they have been ,as organized vector based files, for over 10 years of work in partnership of 4 different sites: IconShock, ThemeShock, TemplateShock and ByPeople.

More than 170 Best and Fresh WordPress Resources and Blogs, 2012 Edition

Seeing how WordPress has become the favorite of many when it comes to going through an easy-breezy process while designing a stunning site or blog, well, we decided to sum up the top 160 best online sources with the latest and most complete information on WordPress: resources, plug-ins, themes, trends, news, etc., so the next time that you come across a web design project on WordPress you have a listing to go to that's updated and useful (for real). Weather your thing is blogs on wp topics, following twitter accounts from hard core wp developers, or just getting a hold of any wp resource you can get your hands on, here you'll find it all just a click away. Please let us know in comments if we missed something.

Hall of Fame of WordPress Resources

WP Candy

Wp Candy wrangles all the important topics and contents on WP together for the blogging, creative, and developing WP community.

WP Shout

WPShout is a very complete blog about WordPress development that posts on a regular basis.

WP Lift

This blog helps people with WordPress by providing tutorials, theme roundups, plugin guides and general WordPress news.

WP Tuts Plus

Wptuts+ is a site dedicated to teaching people how to use WordPress, develop widgets, plugins and themes, successfully scale sites, find interesting WordPress resources, and build a freelance business around the platform.

WordPress VIP News

This blog is aimed at helping publishers and brands get the most out of WordPress.

WPMU The WP Experts is a source  for WordPress news, tips, plugins, and theme reviews.

Theme Shaper

ThemeShaper is a WordPress-powered site, home to the Automattic Theme Team, that launches WordPress themes that make, and provides follower with useful WP information.

WP Beginner

This this site provides quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other resources for the WordPress community, with a special focus on beginners in search of useful information.

WordPress Planet

This is an aggregation of blogs talking about WordPress from around the world.

Smashing Magazine WP

This extended category from smashing magazine features quality articles about developing clean, smart and fast websites with WordPress.



This blog specializes in SEO & Online Marketing consultancy, ranging from "simple" site reviews to full on SEO projects, and building WordPress plugins.

Digging Into WordPress is the blog for searchability, quick tips, and copy and pasteable code.

WP Recepies

Blog to post replies to WordPress questions, and quick but very usefull recipes about blogging platform.

Some other fresh blogs

Brian Krogsgard

Brian Krogsgard posts on all useful WordPress related topics for developers.

Justin Tadlock

Justn tadlock wp developer provides followers with the latest in wp development topics.

WP Moods

At WP Mods they bring you the latest news and good advice about WordPress customisation.

Mark on WordPress

This freelance WordPress developer provides an useful blog for all things WordPress.

Theme It provides a centralized collection of unique WordPress Theme related tutorials, articles, files and videos authored by influential members of the WordPress community.

WP Engineer

WP Engineer shows new ways to make WordPress a little bit better, more convenient and flexible.

WordPress Code Snippet is a source for WordPress code snippets on the internet. They have 579 unique code snippets, with new snippets published everyday covering a wide range of WordPress topics.

WP Snippets

WP-Snippets is a website focused on creating useful content for WordPress developers, to help anyone build a WordPress website.

Binary Moon

WP Vote

This is a social bookmarking site dedicated to WordPress topics.

Perishable Press

Do it With WP


Bloggin Pro

Blogging Pro brings News, Plugins and Themes for Blogging Applications.

Dougal Campbell's

This Dougal the original WordPress developers, contributes features such as XML-RPC API support, Post Custom Fields, mass re-enabling of plugins, and Conditional GET support for feeds.

Pimp my WordPress

Through this blog you can 'pimp' your WordPress site or blog thanks to its posts on the latest free themes, hot plugins, blogging tips, tricks and tutorials on using WordPress.

Pippins Plugins

This site provides a resource for all levels of plugin development, with daily posts on tips and tricks, as well as weekly plugins for free downloads.

WordPress Tavern

WP Blogger

WP Design Blog

This blog is about WordPress themes & plugins, hacks and all that concentrates on WordPress.

WPin Me is all about geeky things from WordPress, social media, reviews, round ups and more.

Official WP Blog

This site offers paid a la carte upgrades for things like custom design and custom domains.

Weblog Tools Collection

WordPres News

Woo Themes

Blog OH! Blog


Hongkiat is a design weblog dedicated to designers and blogger that specialize in WordPress, they constantly publish useful tricks, tools, tutorials and inspirational artworks.

Cats who Code

Cats Who Code is a website dedicated to those who create and maintain websites: web developers, web designers, webmasters, and so on. It has very useful information WordPress related matters.

Six revisions WP

Six Revisions is a website that publishes practical and useful articles for designers and web developers on all WordPress related topics.

Theme Hybrid

TTheme Hybrid is a community of bloggers that share ideas on WP development matters.


CMS Wire WP News

CMSWire is a web magazine published by Simpler Media Group that focuses on intelligent information management, digital customer experience management, and the emergence of social business tools and practices.

Manage WP

Get the latest news on all WP topics at  ManageWP, with their posts on tips, news, and cool ways in which people use this product.

Cozmos Labs

In this blog you'll find Random thoughts on web design and development on wordpress.

Develop Daly

Develop Daly is the blog, portfolio, and home of web designer, Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), and WordPress fanatic Patrick Daly.


Blog Perfume

Technically Personal

This blog brings quality information on WordPress development.


Solostream creates easily content, products and services that help small businesses, organizations and individuals use WordPress.

Ipstenu on Tech

This site is where Ipstenu talks about web development issues involving WordPress, and others.

Blogsessive is the place where you can find blogging tips, WordPress tools and plugins, themes and answers to your blogging related questions.


This blog brings WordPress resources, themes, plugins and news.

WordPress Force

This is Myurl

Were WP


Tammy Hart Designs

WP Community

Austin Passy


WP Lover

WordPress theme design and development.

All 4 WordPress

This blog provides the latest WordPress tips, theme reviews, and plugin news.

WordPress Jedi

WP Dude

This blog offers wordpress coaching services to people who need help with their blog.

Real Ultimate Waffe

Bob WP

One-on-one WordPress coaching, as well as online training and webinars.

WP Cayon

Wp Roots

WP Roots is dedicated to providing WordPress tutorials on the net.

WP Life Guard

Wp Theme Grounds is your source for theme inspiration, tutorials and much more.

WP Teach

WP for Ministry

WPforMinistry is dedicated to promoting a more widespread and excellent use of WordPress by churches and ministries.

Jane on WordPress

Bainternet WP Consulting

Your Website Engineer

Voodoo Press

WP Insite

Wp tutorials, themes, plug-ins and more.

Best WordPress Tips

WordPress Blog on Software Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials.


WP Apprentice

This is WordPress Training for busy people that consults with clients on issues related to blogging, new media, and web publishing.

WordPress Tips and Tricks

This is an online home for work with WordPress. Not, but the self hosted wordpress that you install on your own server.

Clever WP

WordPress Customization and Development

WP Themes News


Throughout the site you can find WordPress tutorials, tips to help improve your blog’s content, how to find inspiration for new blog content, ways to build your backlinks, and plenty more.

Dynamic WP

DynamicWP is a collection of free wordpress theme, to give beautifully designed for bloggers, smallbusiness, corporate, freelancer, and any one.


Philip Arthur Moore

Instant shift

Daniel Bachhuber

Simple Dream

At lance blogs on web design and development, web standards, WordPress, Mac, and other goodies.

WordPress TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news, where you'll find extensive information on all WordPress relates topics.

WP Mayor

WordPress News, Articles, Hacks, Plugin Reviews and more...

Tricks Daddy

TricksDaddy is a tech blog that focuses on posts covering blogging, windows customizing, internet tips and tricks, latest trends, mobiles, social networking.

WP Theme Designer's objective is to create an active community on the web.

WP Topics

Here you'll find news, useful tutorials & influential voices in the WordPress universe.

Web Training Wheels

Noel Tock Blog


Konstantin Kovshenin

This blog is mainly about tech stuff, like code snippets, links, videos and quotes, short tutorials, tips and tricks and more.


From the core contributor to the open source WordPress project, creator of plug-ins comes this great blog that specializes  in all WP topics.

This blog is made to help you fine tune your WordPress themes with design and development tutorials, screencasts, freebies and more.

WordPress Development Updates

This is the official blog for the core development team of the WordPress open source project. Follow their progress with weekly meeting agendas, project schedules, and the occasional code debate.

Make WordPress UI

This blog gives followers the latest info to create a better user experience, it also gives you the option to subscribe by email and receive notifications of new posts by email.

WP Journo

This is blog about WordPress, journalism and publishers using WP as a CMS.

Various Useful WP Resources

WordPress Security

WPSecurityLock isteam of Security Experts that specialize in website security, repair, installation and maintenance.


A service that provides a free WordPress Newsletter, once a week (every Thursday), with a round-up of WordPress news and articles  NO SPAM, also your email address is safe and it’s easy to unsubscribe.

The WP Candy Stream

This is the WP Candy Podcast source on WordPress that derives from the popular site on all WP topics related.

WordPress TV

This is a  Visual Resource for All Things WordPress.

Live WP

LiveWP is an online video podcast that features news, tips, and add-ons surrounding the WordPress community.


This is a live  chat help on the IRC network, where you can seek WordPress related help, or just hang out with fellow WordPress users. This page seeks to be a quick rundown of what IRC is, and how to log in to the #wordpress channel.

WordPress Tutor TV

Site dedicated to post Fresh video tutorials on all WP topics related.

Theme Sorter

There are thousands of premium WordPress themes by hundreds of designers. ThemeSorter catalogs these themes so you can sort through them in one place.

Total Bounty

Buy and Sell HTML, WordPress, and PSD Templates.

WordPress Planet

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

WordPress guerilla

This site provides a great way to submit your WP projects.


WordPrezzie spreads WordPress, giving away free tutorials, sharing theme designs, and helping to nurture WordPress community.

WP Slideshow Plug-In

Wordpress slide show plugin allows you to create cool and customizable slideshow images for your blog just in few seconds.

WP WorkForce

Web design, web development and mostly wp jobs.

WP Coder

Site that provides WP coding services.

Alex King

WP Hacks


WPKube provides the best WordPress tutorials, hacks and guides, amongst other WordPress Services.


This site is for all WordPress users from beginners to advanced users.

WP Designer is a blog focused on developing WordPress themes and improving your blog's performance through code and design tweaks.

Wordpress TV

This site brings help and tutorials for beginners and expert alike on wp related topics.

Make WordPress Themes

Theme Lab

Theme Lab is a source of quality free WordPress themes for WordPress bloggers all around the world.

Word Camp Central

WordCamps is a free and open source personal publishing software that powers over 25 million sites on the web.

Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design makes websites that make your vision come to life on the web.

WP Engine

Alltop Wordpress

Feed directory

WordPress Tips

Mostly on themes, html, formatting, tweaks and workarounds.

Padd Solutions

WP zoom

WPZOOM is a web-studio specialized in creating themes for WordPress.

WP Theming

WP Related Twitters Worth Following


WPLift is a blog all about WordPress, that covers tips & tutorials, theme & plugin reviews and everything else related to our favourite CMS.


They post WordPress, Multisite & BuddyPress plugins, themes, news and reviews and special offers from the team at

Wordpress Jedi

Wordpress Geek


WordPress Beginner

WPBeginner offers tips, tools, resources, and suggestions to #WordPress Users, to keep them updated with tweets.

WP Snippets

Useful Hack, tips and tutorials to create a better WP theme.


Learn how to use WordPress through their video tutorials.

WP Arena


The account of, a WordPress blog. Follow for the latest news in the WordPress community.

WordPress Answers

Best Wordpress Daily

Blogging, SEO, Marketing, Traffic, Social Networking and Making Money Online Tips

WP Hosting Support

World Class Hosting for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & other CMS Solutions

Richard Jecks

twitter account on Premium Themes Analyst.

Michael Fields

I am a Theme Wrangler at @automattic. Do not click follow unless you totally geek-out on WordPress :)


Collecting all the best #WordPress Jobs, Links, Themes + Resources for Designers, Developers + Bloggers.


Twitter account with all WordPress related links, news and new WP Themes.

WP Mayor

WordPress Hacks, Tutorials, Plugin Reviews and more.

Free Wordpress Sites

Twitter account that brings you Hundreds of Free Wordpress Themes.


WordPress for iOS

Official account for the WordPress for iOS app.

Premium WordPress

The Best Premium WordPress Themes

Oliver Schlöbe

Official account for the website with both internal and developer-relevant WordPress info.

Jamie Northrup

twitter account from the creator of WordPress of the Day website.

WP Themes Plugins

Find the most popular & high quality premium wordpress themes, plugins, templates, wordpress modules, widgets, tutorials.

WordPress Beginner

WPBeginner offers tips, tools, resources, and suggestions to #WordPress Users.


WP-Snippets provides useful hack, tips and tutorials to create a better #WordPress theme.

Andrew Nacin


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