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Cursive: Free Minimalistic Responsive Wordpress theme

Here we are again bringing you a new freebie; this time is a responsive minimalistic styled theme that will allow you to create a nice magazine site, obviously it has all the features all our themes have, i.e. Multiple fonts, gallery, unlimited sidebars, fully responsive, making it fully adaptable to any device like iPad, iPhone, android, etc.. Don’t take my word for truth and try it the responsiveness by yourself on any of those devices or resizing your web browser on your PC. Products Let’s take a look to all features of this free theme:
  • Fully responsive:  Adaptable to any device, iPad, iPhone, Android, resize your browser to see the magic.
  • Layout creator: Create custom layouts per page; add custom sliders and unlimited widget areas on a page by page basis.
  • Adaptable design: change any design aspect of your theme (in real time): menus, boxes, fonts, backgrounds, or upload your own designs.
  • Internationalized in: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese. Source files included, full documentation, unlimited clients/sites license.
  • 1000+ GUI elements: Easily create GUI elements (menus, dropdowns, sliders, galleries, buttons, tooltips, notifications, lightboxes, toggle menus, tabbed content and more) Bootstrap ready.
  • Working contact form: A ready to use contact form, with captcha verification and full validation.
  • Featured items: Select featured items from gallery, portfolio, products or services.
  • Products, services, works: We have built ready to use products, portfolio and services pages with categories. (Custom taxonomies and post types)
  • Photo Gallery: Organize with categories, add fancy frames, select featured photos to show in home, lightbox ready.
  • 4 different sliders: Choose from JS effects slider, 3D slider, Accordion slider and featured posts slider.
  • Tons of fonts to choose from.
  • Good karma !
Blog_marco Why to be happy with the same layout, when you can customize it? like all of our themes, this new one allows to customize the layout per page letting you add custom sliders and as many widgets as you need. Do you need to change the slider? No problem our theme offers up to 4 slider types going from JS effects, a 3D slider, an Accordion slider and featured post slider. Home If you won’t use it why should you keep it? that’s the reason why you can take out the slider from our themes; this makes that your designing imagination be the limit and thanks to bootstrap’s addition to our themes if you don’t need the slider where it is but you still something that allows you to display some images the way the slider does you can use a a bootstrap carousel and it is as simple as copying the carousel code and paste it in the page you need it to be. Testimonials Have you created your magazine and need that your readers can contact you for whatever reason? that can be solved easily with the contact form the theme has, ready to use with full validations and a captcha verification, because there is nothing more valuable that hearing, ok reading, what your readers have to say about your site. contact OK, you are doing a magazine site, but wait a second something is wrong here, yeah that’s right a magazine site without a photo gallery? don’t worry about it, because our themes have a gallery, but this doesn’t end here, our photo gallery allows you to organize it with categories, the categories let you decide which photos go where, then you wouldn’t like mixing let’s say sports photos and make up promo photos that will be weird, to avoid that remember to use categories.  Select a featured photo to show in home, it could be the photo of the most important event of the week; You could also add fancy frames to your gallery, it is lightbox ready. Gallery Not only the gallery items could become featured but the products, services, portfolio items, posts and last but not least the gallery items. that’s right you can feature a special service from your magazine or a special article you want to attract the appropriate attention, nothing could be better than a fully responsive and highly customizable theme for free. Services Portfolio Don’t forget that although the theme is free you can not redistribute it, if you want to feature it please use the link to this page where users can download it.

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