Form Templates: 250 login, register, newsletter, contact and social login templates with sources in PSD


Hey friends, today’s freebie is a very useful set for web professionals, we have created a huge pack of login and sign in templates. There are 250 of them including registration forms, contact forms, newsletter templates, logins and social login templates, each one coming in 5 different design styles and 20 color variations, all provided with their respective PSD to make changes and make even more designs. If you liked this item, visit our CV templates pack and the pricing tables + business icons we have available for you.

Login form PSD

Login form

Login Form Templates

Login Form Templates PSD

Login form design

Login form design PSD

Web Login form design PSD

Web design Login form PSD

Web page Login form PSD

Web page Login form

Login form pack

Login form pack PSD

Web Login

Clear Contact form

Clear Login form PSD

Clear Subscribe form

Clear Sign up form

Clear Login form

Transparent Contact form

Transparent Login form PSD

Transparent Subscribe form

Transparent Sign up form

Transparent Login form

Minimalist Contact form

Minimalist Login form PSD

Minimalist Subscribe form

Minimalist Sign up form

Minimalist Login form

Blue Contact form

Blue Login form PSD

Blue Subscribe form

Blue Sign up form

Blue Login form

Contact form

Login form PSD

Subscribe form

Sign up form

Login form

 Dark Contact form

Dark Login form PSD

Dark Subscribe form

Dark Sign up form

Dark Login form

Book Contact form

Book Login form PSD

Book Subscribe form

Book Sign up form

Book Login form

Nice Contact form

Nice Login form PSD

Nice Subscribe form

Nice Sign up form

Nice Login form

 Blue Contact formBlue Login form PSDBlue Subscribe formBlue Sign up formBlue Login formContact form PSD

Sign up form PSDLogin form PSDGreen Contact form PSDGreen Login form PSDGreen Subscribe form PSDGreen Sign up form PSDGreen Login formWeb Login formWeb Subscribe formWeb Sign up formWeb Login formContact formLogin formSubscribe form

Contact form PSDLogin form PSDSubscribe form PSDSign up form PSDLogin formSilver Contact form PSDSilver Login form PSDSilver Subscribe form PSDSilver Sign up form PSDSilver Login formWood Contact form PSDWood Login form PSDWood Subscribe form PSDWood Sign up form PSD
Sign up form PSDLogin form PSDNice Contact form PSDNice Login form PSDNice Subscribe form PSDNice Sign up form PSDNice Login formWood Login formCool Contact formCool Login form PSDCool Subscribe formCool Sign up formCool Login formMinimalist Contact US form Minimalist Login form PSDMinimalist Newsletter formMinimalist Sign up formMinimalist Login formWeb Contact US formWeb Login form PSDWeb Newsletter form

Login form PSDWeb Contact UsWeb LoginWeb NewsletterWeb Sign upWeb Login PSDContact Us PSD Dark Contact Us form PSDDark Login form PSDDark Newsletter form PSDDark Sign up form PSDDark Login form PSDRibbon Contact Us formRibbon Login form PSDRibbon Newsletter formRibbon Sign up formRibbon Login formGrey Contact Us formGrey Login form PSD Grey Newsletter formGrey Sign up form

Simple Login form PSD Simple Newsletter formSimple Sign up formSimple Login formContact Us form templateLogin form PSD templateNewsletter form templateSign up form templateLogin form templateContact Us PSDLogin form PSDNewsletter PSDSign up PSDLogin PSD Web design Contact Us formWeb design Login form PSD Web design Newsletter formWeb design Sign up formWeb design Login formContact Us form designLogin form design PSDNewsletter form designSign up form designLogin form designDashed Contact Us form Dashed Login form PSDDashed Newsletter form Dashed Sign up form

Nice Contact Us form Nice Login form PSDNice Newsletter form Nice Sign up form Nice Login form Contact Us formLogin form PSDLogin formWood Contact Us formWood Login form PSDWood Newsletter form Wood Sign up form Wood Login formNice Contact Us formNice Login form PSDNice Newsletter form Nice Sign up form Nice Login form simple Contact Us form simple Login form PSDsimple Newsletter form simple Sign up form simple Login form Neon Contact Us form Neon Login form PSDNeon Newsletter form Neon Sign up form Neon Login form

Sign up formLogin form Web Contact Me form templateWeb Login form PSD templateWeb Newsletter form templateWeb Sign up form templateWeb Login form templateDark Newsletter form templateDark Sign up form templateDark Login form templatesimple Contact Me form templatesimple Login form PSD templatesimple Newsletter form templatesimple Sign up form templatesimple Login form templateWood Contact Me form template Wood Login form PSD templateWood Newsletter form templateWood Sign up form templateWood Login form templateCool Contact Me form template Cool Login form PSD templateCool Newsletter form templateCool Sign up form templateCool Login form templateContact Us form templateLogin form PSD templateNewsletter form template

simple Contact Us form templatesimple Login form PSD templatesimple Subscribe form templatesimple Sign up form templatesimple Login form templateContact Us form designLogin form PSD designSubscribe form designSign up form designLogin form designGreen Contact Us form designGreen Login form PSD designGreen Subscribe form designGreen Sign up form designGreen Login form designBlue Contact Us form designBlue Login form PSD designBlue Subscribe form designBlue Sign up form designBlue Login form designMinimalist Contact Us form designMinimalist Login form PSD designMinimalist Subscribe form designMinimalist Sign up form designMinimalist Login form designContact Us form designLogin form PSD designSubscribe form designSign up form designLogin form designContact Us form templateLogin form PSD templateSubscribe form templateSign up form templateLogin form templatesimple Contact Us formsimple Login form PSD simple Subscribe formsimple Sign up form simple Login form

Login form template PSD

web Elements Login form

web page Login form

web Elements Form

Login form PSD pack

Contact Us form design

Login PSD

Subscribe PSD

Sign up PSD

Newsletter PSD

Login PSD design

Subscribe PSD design

Sign up PSD design

Contact Us PSD design

Contact Us form pack

Login form PSD  pack

Subscribe form pack

Sign up form pack

Login form pack

Login form template pack

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  1. That’s great, thanks, but you frequently misspell “subscribe” without the “b” and “sing” should be “sign.”

  2. Thanks for the great forms art!

    I do have to point out a little typo, though. On several of the images of the sign up forms the user is asked to “sing up.” I’m sure it’s editable in the source files, but I figured I’d mention it since it gave me a little chuckle. :^)

    Thanks again!

  3. Some sexy forms there people!
    Can’t wait to integrate one or two of them bad boys!

  4. Philippe Poirier - April 17, 2013

    I have purchased the 199$ bundle (all items).

    Does that mean that I can download the Form Templates stuff without having to pay something extra? I’m referring to the commercial license version.

    Thank you,

    Philippe Poirier

  5. James Lahey - April 17, 2013

    The first example of a “Sign up” page, has a typo and says “Sing Up”

  6. guys this publish on social thing to get these files doesn’t work!

  7. Unfortunately “Get by Facebook” doesn’t work. However post was published on my page on facebook

  8. Really awesome collection of login, sigup and subscribe templates. Good work!

  9. p.kreker - April 18, 2013

    Hi, i’d like to download this package, but I don’t have no Facebook profile and don’t want to create one for this. Is it possible to download packages in future with g+?

  10. em, is the file ok? I just download it and I can only see 5 psd files…
    aren’t there suppose to be like, 25 templates?? 🙁

    • DesignShock - April 18, 2013

      Please re download !

      • Thanks! Now I have all the files I think n.n
        but the download link still doesn’t work in Chrome, I love your freebies and everytime I have to download one, the twitter share button disappear and the facebook one doesn’t work. 
        Most of us use Chrome, it would be nice if you finally fix it :S

        • DesignShock - April 18, 2013

          Pamela, it should be working, can you send us the error to jp at iconshock dot com

  11. They are all so beautiful especially the darkest ones!

  12. Error message when trying to get the Free Version via Facebook button: “The URL has been altered, please double check or contact us”

    • DesignShock - April 19, 2013

      Thanks for the ifo, Miguel. Contact us at help@iconshock informing us of the issue and we’ll solve this ASAP.

  13. DesignShock - April 19, 2013

    The link is automatically generated, check your spam folder to see if it’s there. If not, contact us at help@iconshock and we’ll help you, Roberta.

  14. brice - April 19, 2013

    the pack is 93.9 mo, there was a problem

    there are only 50 psd files and no 250

    • DesignShock - July 9, 2013

      Thank you for the input, these are 5 types of login forms in 50 different styles which make 250 files organized on 50 PSD documents. one style per document. Stay tuned for more freebies!

  15. Kiety - April 21, 2013

    I’ve already paid for a premium membership but can’t find this pack under design shock products? Any ideas?

  16. Micro Mao - April 27, 2013

    good job. free will be beter…

  17. Josh - July 30, 2013

    I must say, this has been the best site with cool freebies without the BS. Thanks for all these. 🙂

  18. I will definitely use these for all of my projects. Cheers.

  19. Cool and lovely post with necessary recourse I need. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Kishor - October 18, 2013

    Thank you so much,, the templates are so much useful.

  21. Naj Hicks - November 23, 2013

    How do you download the bundle?

  22. bulbul - July 20, 2014

    how to download this templates ?

    • DesignShock - August 4, 2014


      There is a download button below all of the images, please click it and follow the instructions.

  23. bulbul - July 20, 2014

    there is no downloading button all are images here….

  24. can you please tell me how i can download template for my website completely ?
    thanks !!!

  25. Mater - August 29, 2014

    how can i download free it dont function

    • DesignShock - August 29, 2014


      Please try once more by clicking the ‘free download version’ button and then following with either email or social network. If using the email option, make sure you check your spam folder.

  26. Hi there,

    Where can I get a Member Login form similar to the following one that I could use on a WordPress or other web building site?
    (Weebly tells me that a Member Login form cannot be used on their site.)


  27. Patrick - November 28, 2014

    Hello, maybe a button for going back up on the page wil be nice.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards

    • Thanks, Pat!

      We’ll surely keep that in mind, your feedback is much appreciated. 🙂

  28. vasea - January 4, 2015

    coooooooool bro tgx


  30. Nice Collection.Thanks

  31. maria - March 11, 2015

    I’ve found very good stuff in your site. But I don’t know how to use psd files in my joomla template. Could you please send me a link which explains how I do this?

    Thank you

  32. this is just images not a theme.

    • david - April 7, 2015

      Hi! Please use the downloads below all the images and enjoy the pack. 🙂

  33. thanx a lot
    its so good post…

  34. Hi. It’s so good and useful for me..! Thanks a lot

  35. Meenakshi - April 6, 2015

    how can i get them its really… beautiful very nice work

    • david - April 7, 2015

      Thanks a lot for such nice comments. 🙂
      You can download with the blue button below all of the images. Enjoy it!

  36. nice and convenient design psd collection …thanks 

  37. Taposy Rabeya - June 16, 2015

    Awesome collection of login, signup and subscribe templates. Keep up the good work!

  38. Puppet - August 2, 2015

    haven’t received download link,, I checked the spam folder but it wasn’t there please help

  39. Hello. I wanted to know.How could i use it for my website ?

    • Hey Jojo!
      These are mainly used for inspiration or learning, or do some kind of mockups for tutorials and stuff, but very rarely used in actual websites as active elements.

  40. Pallab - November 7, 2015

    Awesome Template Collection

  41. Kym Pepper - November 11, 2015

    Savvy article , I Appreciate the details , Does anyone know where I would be able to acquire a blank 2013 IRS 990 version to fill out ?

  42. Tari Tessier - November 12, 2015

    Greetings Kym , my partner used a template 2013 IRS 990 example at this place

  43. kitha lektham bojte partacina, tai banglay liklam, very nice collection, thank you so much

  44. DesignShock - December 6, 2013

    You are welcome

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