Facebook Covers

Facebook Covers: 150 professional Facebook covers with sources in Photoshop


A great set with more than 150 different styles of Facebook covers, all of them with sources in PSD, perfectly organized layers and groups, tons of design styles to be used in any industry or business. If you still need more presence in social networks, take a look at our Twitter buttons pack or these high-res backgrounds to style up your profile even more.

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Some other freebies:

  1. Man, this is amazing, Thanks a lot, needed that long time ago 🙂

    You guys rock!

  2. Thx for this awesome badass freebies.
    But you should read Facebook terms and policies for the 20% text rules in cover : http://www.insidefacebook.com/2012/12/20/facebook-updates-cover-photo-and-news-feed-ad-policy-limits-text-to-20-of-image/

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      We have gone over the guidelines and found out it does’t violate any facebook rules.

  3. snipe - April 2, 2013

    FYI, the button “download” call to action violates Facebook’s terms of service for cover images

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      We have gone over the guidelines and found out it does’t violate any facebook rules.

      • Mike Bannister - May 15, 2013

        It certainly is in contravention of the most recent facebook
        This might be a photo of a popular menu item, album artwork or a picture of people using your product. … All cover photos are public, which means anyone visiting your Page will be able to see the … Cover photos must be at least 399 pixels wide and may not include images with more than 20% text.
        Please ensure your information is correct because it mars an otherwise great service

        • DesignShock - July 9, 2013

          We have checked and this set is in compliance of the Facebook rules. We appreciate the input.

  4. Kasey Moore - April 2, 2013

    This site sucks nowadays. A page and site which claims to be free but then charges and offers a tiny amount for free.

    Complete rubbish. Unsubscribed from site, twitter and newsletter. 


    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      Sorry you feel that way but we never said all of our content was free.

  5. These are really pretty! I’m not using Facebook yet (no, it’s not an April Fools; it’s the 2nd!), but I will be by this summer, and I’ll really appreciate these then!

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      Glad to see there’s still a little bit of resistance out there! But then you won’t be able to get these sweet facebook covers so… join the book, join the book, jooooooin! 😀

  6. How do you get all these ideas? You’re awesome. Impressive work as always.

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      We have a very talented team of specialists whose job is to come up with these ideas. Also, we meditate and do tantric yoga on work hours (no, not really just talent and effort).

  7. Wendy - April 2, 2013

    Beautiful work here. I’d like to download design number 36, but no download button is showing on my browser – Firefox. When I click on the design, I’m taking to a page where the see the picture but still no download option. How does one download these please? 🙂

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      Using firefox version 3.6.24 we were able to access the download, have you tried cleaning cookes and cache? Updating or downgrading? Contact us using the help option at iconshock.com so we can further troubleshoot your issue.

  8. Thank you very much for this, going to use one for my Page

  9. Спасибо! Забираю для использования. 🙂

  10. Charles CM Bannister - April 3, 2013

    All these covers are in contravention of the new Facebook rules regarding the level of text allowed in a cover. So be very careful before utilising them, the offer is generous but flawed

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      We have gone through them, checking the guidelines and we’ve found they don’t contravene the new facebook rules, but thanks anywaw!

  11. man…! they are truly awsome. simple yet stylish. very helpful for promoting business or website on Facebook.
    Hats off to you

  12. May be a silly question but it’s something I always wondered. How do you save only the timeline picture section instead of the entire top of a facebook profile?

  13. RobertaJS - April 4, 2013

    What a great idea for businesses! PLease send a link and then MAYBE the boss will start a FB page for the business and then I can get the freebies there!


    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      You can try downloading our free version or, if you have bought it, then the mail should be generated automatically. Try checking your spam folder.

  14. You guys just spoil me – I love it!

  15. You are a cheater, I have sent a tweet twice in order to get this freebie and my download never began.

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      Did you try clicking on the one the button that says “download free version”?

  16. Robertajs - April 11, 2013

    The quality can’t be beat! I just wish it was easier for me to download since I don’t have facebook or twitter…i am so addicted to shock!!

    • DesignShock - April 15, 2013

      Thanks a lot for your input! We are glad to see you find those useful. Right now you need facebook or twitter, but we’re working on it. Cheers.

  17. RobertaJS - April 11, 2013

    I guess my previous request went MIA but can I get a link please?? THANKS for freebies and thanks for all your hard work.

    • DesignShock - April 12, 2013

      Roberta, have you checked your mail after doing the social network linking? The mail should’ve been generated automatically, if it hasn’t arrived try also checking in your spam folder.

  18. Folks,

    Watch out for the new 20% rule of Facebook. A cover photo may contain advertisement but no more than 20% of text. Many of these templates are crossing this line. Nevertheless, good inspiration Designshock! Good work!


    • DesignShock - April 16, 2013

      We already checked and it’s in compliance with the rules, but thanks, Ivo!

  19. Really great collection, Love it Thanks , Cant wait anymore !!

    • DesignShock - April 22, 2013

      Glad you liked it! Thanks for your feedback, stay tuned for upcoming posts!

  20. Afaik facebook allows just 20% of text in the header picture. And starts deleting those who have more… These ones are great designed, though, thank you!!

    • DesignShock - July 9, 2013

      You are welcome, the images in the post are examples and the final result depends on the text and logo that the user wants to put on the cover.

  21. wow these are very useful, thanks a lot for sharing mate 🙂

  22. Quite disappointing.

    I bought this packet a little while ago and was extremely excited, until yesterday when I realized that all of these are flat layers in PSD, which means you cannot edit it at all. For a plain color background you can improvise by removing the text, and then transforming the background, but most times, the nice ones have textures and the text just messes everything up.


    I guess it is good for reference, but completely useless otherwise.  Then again, if you want reference, I guess look at the preview instead of buying.  I purchased multiple packets from designschock.com before, but this one is far the most disappointing.

    • DesignShock - June 6, 2013

      Sorry to hear that. In fact only 2 or 3 can be considered flat.

      • I don’t mean to disrespect you guys – I love your posts, I’m an active Twitter follower and I purchased multiple items under this email and my findyournet.com email, but what you said is just NOT TRUE.  

        As an example I took the screenshots of first 5 and last 5 designs (to be fair), and pointed out that the header design is a flat file here: http://www.polishguy.net/designshock/ 

        >>> the only layers are the ones for facebook design <<<

        which is completely useless to anyone and these should actually be flattened to save space instead.  I looked at at least 70 of these and I did not find a single one that was layered.  If I am wrong, tell me few designs that are layered and I will gladly eat my words.

        • I AM EATING MY WORDS – sorry, feel quite stupid now.  I’ve worked with Photoshop for quite a while now, and never knew that you can expand a smart object.  Wow.  So sorry you guys!  

          >>> you are the best <<<

          I wish I could delete my previous comments! :/  

          • DesignShock - June 12, 2013

            NP Thank you for the input, We are glad you found the answer. Feedback from our customers is always welcome

  23. Your blog contain really very useful information. Thanks a lot for sharing this information here.

  24. Rob RodenParker - July 16, 2013

    Is Photoshop required to edit these?  I use GIMP, but I’m just an occasional user and I’ve heard that it flattens the PSD files so it ends up being hard to customize.  I do have Photoshop Elements – will that work?

    • DesignShock - July 16, 2013

      Photoshop CS4 or later versions are strongly recommended

  25. Facebook templates - August 6, 2013

    Thanks for the wonderful Facebook templates, but I have a question. To place them in Facebook I click the “change cover” button at the top of Facebook to change the cover photo above the page/timeline? There are parts of the design that look static but then some of the text (about, photos, likes, map, etc…) seem like they would need to be interactive or linked with FB in some way. Maybe that part is supposed to be left out…can you clarify?

    • DesignShock - August 13, 2013

      Those parts of the design are placed as an example of how would the cover look when placed in facebook. so those are supposed to be left out.

  26. LindaB - October 5, 2013

    How do I contact someone over there, I have a membership, am trying to purchase something, price says -17.00 . There are no links to contact, no indicator of what my membership actually contains other than the wptheme generator.. quite frustrating.

  27. Who cares what facebook thinks…I’ll use these templates

  28. carlos - June 25, 2014

    Thanks for your ideas! 

  29. I was under the impression that I was buying a package of Facebook covers.  I’ve gone through the checkout process and now all I am seeing is a page saying that I am an affiliate, with links to put inside the CSS of my website.   The top of the page says that I have no products that can be downloaded, and when I try and download one of the “check out one of our bundle” .zip files, it says it is corrupt.  This is pretty crappy and misleading.   Where are the Facebook covers?

    • david - October 6, 2014

      Hi, Mary.

      We have replied to your email with detailed instructions on how to download. I think you might be going to the wrong page to download.

  30. hi

    very very goood

    thank you

  31. Great. Thanks mate.

  32. Really Great Collection of Facebook Covers and Amazing Creative Ideas.


  33. Thank you for sharing free, they are very nice, I have successfully downloaded free.

  34. Lucas - May 26, 2015

    Good work. Thanks

  35. Enamul Hoq - June 12, 2015

    really nice post here ..thanks for sharing with us

  36. saiful - July 11, 2015

    thanks because it’s free even for 150. Thanks designshock 🙂

  37. Taposy Rabeya - August 10, 2015

    Awesome!! such an excellent and helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Hesham Elboraie - November 16, 2015

    Thanks to you, friend

  39. rumah kayu - May 2, 2016


    • Shock Family - May 21, 2016

      No worries 🙂 check out our latest releases 😀

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