Hipster Vector Pack

Hipster Vectors for Vintage and Retro Designs (530 Items)


This Hipster Vector pack contains every element needed for a Vintage, Indie or Retro project, with a huge range of design possibilities, from custom icons, through badges and flyers, to posters and backgrounds; this is thanks to the large number of items provided in different styles, yet unified under a single graphic concept, and how they can be combined in so many different ways.

All the fonts used in this set are free and can be found at almost any font bank.

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hipster_vector_pack_intro hipster_vector_character_preview_01 hipster_icon_preview_02 hipster_retro_badges_preview_03 hipster_vintage_badges_preview_04 nautical_badge_preview_05nautical_poster_preview_06 hipster_badge_color_preview_10 hipster_badge_preview_09 hipster_logo_beach_08 hipster_badge_navy_preview_07hipster_vector_badge_previews_11     vintage_vector_badge_previews_12vintage_poster_badge_13hipster_logo_vector_14hipster_logo_design_15hipster_design_badge_16hipster_logo_poster_17 hipster_vector_color_18  hipster_logo_preview_19hipster_logo_vector_preview_19  hipster_sticker_preview_20hipster_design_logo_21hipster_design_logo_22hipster_vector_poster_23hipster_vector_poster_24  hipster_color_poster_26hisper_sticker_design_27hipster_monochrome_previews_28  hipster_design_stamp_previews_30hipster_font_poster_previews_31 hipster_font_poster_previews_32 hipster_font_poster_previews_33hipster_style_poster_previews_34 hipster_style_poster_previews_35 hipster_style_poster_previews_36 vector_hipster_logo_previews-37 hipster_vector_pack_previews-38 hipster_vector_pack_previews_39hipster_vector_stamp_previews_40 hipster_style_badge_previews_41 hipster_style_badge_previews_42 hipster_old_poster_previews-43 hipster_style_previews_44

Some other freebies:

  1. Sarah - May 6, 2015

    Clean Hipster vector pack. We have featured it in our monthly series of popular freebies from Dribbble community, check it out here:http://www.byteswire.com/50-incredible-freebies-for-web-designers-from-dribbble-community-april-2015/

  2. Everytime I have ever tried your free deal emails. I come straight to pricing. If i ever did want to buy i would not here at this site. I am unsubscribing. Tired of all the misleading emails.

    • david - May 8, 2015

      Hi! The free download link is right below all the images. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  3. this is borderline insulting, and very snooze-worthy.

  4. Disappointed - May 7, 2015

    ‘m struggling with your damn forced Facebook cr**!!!! Why the hell should you force this “Like” ??? Shouldn’t users deciede weather to like your page or not?? In this case: I HATE IT! F-ing Forcers!

  5. Love these! It’s like Mr. Potato Head hipster-style! Much thanks.

  6. Maja - May 7, 2015

    Fantastic! Bellissimo! Grazie!

  7. robbertajs - May 8, 2015

    SUPER COOL, super hip! Gotta have them Please send a link. THANKS!

  8. robertajs - May 8, 2015

    oops! can’t spell my own name. PLease send a download link these are too cool.

  9. These are nice & cool. I love these. Hanks for sharing.

  10. This is lovely and helpful post ….thanks #love 

  11. Thanks…

  12. Awesome!! I love all these things. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This is really a fantastic.


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