PSD Badges Pack: More than 100 badges, 5 different styles, 30 different colors


A wonderful package including more than one hundred badge designs that you can tweak with multiple styles and color options, editable directly from the included PSD files. It could be perfect for creating logos for your company or attractive signs for your website. Talking about websites, you can build one of your own with this Phoebus GUI set, part of the awesome DesignShock Bundle.

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Badges Sources

Badges resource

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web Badges set

web Badges pack

Check some details

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web Badges free

web Badges design

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Badges Photoshop

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Badges Professional

Badges free

Badges design

Badges vector

Badges design template

Badges design PSD

website Badges set

website Badges pack

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And several color variations

website Badges resource

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Cool Badges set

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Cool Badges resource

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  1. Awesome collection, great work !

  2. RobertaJS - July 17, 2012

    can you send a link please? I still don’t do twitter and facebook. thanks!

    • DesignShock - July 18, 2012

      Roberta, please visit the resource page using another browser, that way you will get a link sent to you.

  3. Fantastic huge collection of badges. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Linda - July 18, 2012

    I love all of your work and buy most of them, but these are really gorgeous and had to drop a note 🙂

  5. JIll - July 18, 2012

    Incredible collection and I need these so badly to use on a long term project. Thank you!

    • DesignShock - July 18, 2012

      Jill, that’s great, we’d love to see your project once completed.

  6. Cool Stuff …. as always great work … love it 🙂

  7. You guys rock

  8. Corey J - July 18, 2012

    How do people who have already purchased premium memberships download the full package?

    • DesignShock - July 18, 2012

      Corey, please check your account, however it depends on the bundle you bought with us, anyhow pls contact us at help.shockfamily at gmail

  9. Noahj - July 19, 2012

    Hey!!! Just wanted to say thanks you guys for being some thorough on these deal releases!! I remember when you guys first started out (well at least to me) before the massive deal releases and I got that massive design bundle.. back then it was the 500 credit card pictures and 500 logos that interested me.. oh and the wordpress themes.. a whole bunch of them. Your wordpress themes are awesome because they aren’t standard issue like on the majority of sites. They are really nice thorough handcrafted themes which allows me to offer greater competition in quality and one of a kindness.

    I really have enjoyed your guy’s (and ladies, if any:) consistency. Keep it up! Thanks again for being so thorough gurus!

    • DesignShock - July 19, 2012

      Noahj, thanks a lot for comment, and yes, we will do our best to keep providing amazing resources for web professionals, not only deisgn ones but also css experiments or wp plugins 🙂

  10. Toma - July 19, 2012

    Génial merci beaucoup !

  11. Corey J - July 19, 2012

    Hi again,

     I sent the email yesterday but have yet to hear back.
    People with the $129 bundle should get this, correct?


  12. Rhonda Bayless - July 19, 2012

    these are great, thanks so much for sharing!!

  13. Martin - July 23, 2012


    The download link doesn’t work and I’ved in both Safari and Firefox browsers?


    • DesignShock - July 24, 2012

      Martin, can u try again, if FB doesn’t work pls try with twitter.

  14. Magnifique collection, merci beaucoup pour le partage.

  15. These look awesome! Thanks much!

    • DesignShock - July 30, 2012

      Thank you, it’s great you love our designs.

      • I love the designs of the badges here but i purchase for the $9 last saturday, i still did not receive a download link to download the badges. can you help me on this please?

        • DesignShock - August 31, 2012

          Kirsten, did you received it yet ? if no, pls send us an email to blog at designshock

  16. Clean, nice and AWESOME. Love them, thanks.

    • DesignShock - September 24, 2012

      Thanks Madalin, we are always here to help you, feel free to check all our new posts

  17. Very nice stuff. thanks

  18. Hi, so I’m trying to pay you for the commercial version but PayPal tells me it can’t process to your account and to contact you.
    What gives?

    • DesignShock - April 10, 2013

      Hello Carl, we’ll be getting in touch with you very ASAP in order to solve this issue. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  19. nice share thanks

  20. Eray - June 4, 2013

    Is AI / EPS sources of this pack available, or is it only in PSD format?

  21. Merci beaucoup pour ce partage très utile!

  22. Kathryn - May 15, 2014

    For some reason., even though I subscribed, I didn’t receive a download link. ;[

  23. lam - July 3, 2014


  24. Taposy Rabeya - June 16, 2015

    These are AWESOME. I love the Styles and Colors.

  25. Awesome work. Thanks for sharing.

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