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Stock Logo Templates Bundle

This big stock logo templates’ bundle contains 1000 different logo designs based on the season’s strongest trends in logo design (Vintage, Retro, Gradient Logos, Line, Logotype & Handmade). In this set you’ll find a wide range of options, tons of logo templates matching the best styles of 2016, aimed at all sorts of businesses. You can use this set for personal branding or to create a solid corporate identity or re-branding. Whether you aim for a restaurant logo or a fashion logo, or even a service provider logo, all of these logo templates work in different contexts, for print and web in full color, monochrome and even inverted. As always, all of them are 100% editable in .ai format (Adobe Illustrator); you can resize, change the vectors’ shape, modify the colors, include add-ons and more. Be sure to download the free pack and explore the infinite possibilities, and if you like, buy the full set. Leave us a comment below and share!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this house amount of Stock Logo Templates. As you told that all are 100% Editable files in .ai format but how could I get. I find only JPG and PNG format.

    • DesignShock - December 9, 2016

      hello Amin007, Are you sure? the folder contains ai files and other folders have eps files, the only folder that contains Png images is handmade.

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