Engraving Vintage Brushes Vector Pack: 110 Brushes


Hello ShockFamily! with this new pack of vector vintage brushes for Adobe Illustrator you can simplify in a few steps, complex illustrations in a retro style, faithfully rendering every detail if you pretend to emulate an engraving with the best industrial revolution look. This engraving brush vector pack contains 110 brushes, each and every one packed with detail and different strokes, stains and imperfections that make the use of single brushes almost unnoticeable.

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vintage_brushes_engraving_intro retro_vector_brushes_01 retro_vector_brushes_02 vintage_brush_illustration_03

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  1. I do not  do FB or Twitter or any other ‘social media’. Is there  ANY way  other than  using these  sites to download  the  stated  freebies?  Thanks in advance.

    • DesignShock - January 7, 2016

      Hello richard, the next week we will implement a registration system to download our resources , we regret deeply the inconveniences.

  2. Bonnie Windedal - January 7, 2016

    Like Richard I don’t waste my efforts on Facebook or Twitter. I do use Google+ & have already recommended you there but I’m still unable to download. Can we work out a compromise?

    • Hi Bonnie and Richard, the e-mail option for download has just been activated, go ahead and get your freebie! 🙂

  3. The stuff you are using that is very useful and helpful. Thanks for sharing a very informative article…….

  4. Hi! Thanks and I’m grateful to get this article with this new pack of vector vintage brushes for Adobe Illustrator, I have also created some brushes but that was for my personal use, and I have applied only Photoshop. And I’m glad to know that illustrator is the very simple way just a few steps. I like some of your brush styles and hopefully, I will apply this formula, thanks again.

  5. I read this article, I learned a lot. I hope this article will inspire everyone.

  6. Hello Richard
    That is a great collection and i bookmark this page. I strongly believe that it help me professional work. Thanks a lot.

  7. Luna Gilligan - November 21, 2016

    Hi, I downloaded the brush files. I have Illustrator CS4, and they do not work.
    Do you have a version which will work in CS4?


  8. Thanks for your nice and great vector brush collection..i also try to use this and specially thanks to share cause it helps to my parsonal work…..

  9. Steve Graham-Smith - January 3, 2017

    I just purchased this product and got an email that sends me to a site which I logo into as instructed then a bunch of nothing. For the life of me I can’t find how to download my purchase. Any ideas?

    • DesignShock - January 12, 2017

      Hi steve, I hope the problem is solved, we regret the inconveniences and I hope that our resource is very useful for your work that in itself is very impressive. Greetings.

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